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Watch Movies Online Free on GoMovies website
Gomovies is one of the most popular sites to watch movies and TV shows online for free. Now, with the ad-free feature, we are confident to provide you with the safest and most seamless streaming experience of your life. Gomovies boasts a huge content library with tens of thousands of movies and TV shows, from the latest releases to all-time classics, from Hollywood blockbusters to regional hidden gems. No matter what title comes to your mind, type it in our search box and you are highly likely to see the results within a second. 
Gomovies is not only free but also safe, so why hesitate to bookmark and share us with your friends and family right away? 

What are your expectations for a free movie site? Free content? Fast load times? Multiple subtitles? We have got you covered. How about features you normally have to pay for such as no ads, HD quality? They are available for free at Gomovies as well. 

Gomovies has one of the biggest collections of movies and TV shows with tens of thousands of titles covering all genres and subgenres including Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, History, Horror, Thriller, Sci-fi, TV shows, Game-Show, etc. No matter what type of entertainment you are up for today, be it romantic or thrilling, you can definitely find some interesting titles to quench your thirst. Should you not find the title of interest, don’t give us a miss yet. Please simply make a request and our staff will work hard to have it available for you as soon as possible.

Watch Movies Online Free with No Ads
We might have lost you in the past. But with newly added features, we will not disappoint you this time. Gomovies has been one of the best sites to watch free movies and TV shows for years. And now, as the site has gone completely ad-free, we are confident to provide you with the safest and most seamless streaming experience. You now cannot only have full access to our huge database but also watch them without any limits or risk. With no ads, pop ups, or commercials on the site, Gomovies can pose no risk to your identity and device. Hackers use ads and popups to install viruses, trojans, and malware into your phone or computer. Without them, you are 100% safe from data loss, identity theft, or corrupted networks. 

What is Gomovies?
Anyone who has been searching for a site to watch movies and TV shows knows about Gomovies. Gomovies has been a safe place for free movie streaming for years. The site was not perfect, but we have been working hard to improve the quality as well as update new features. Now with zero ads, Gomovies is named as the safest and best movie site. Gomovies boasts an extensive content library, HD quality, fast loading speed, superb streaming capabilities, fast updates, and excellent customer service. 

Is Gomovies or 123Movies Better for streaming movies and shows?
123movies is no doubt the most popular site for free movie streaming. With 98 million users at peak, 123movies was surely the best choice before being shut down in 2018. However, it is no longer the best place to come for free movies. With multiple sites claiming to be the real 123movies, it is impossible to know which site is real. Even when you find the real 123movies, it is ad-supported, meaning that it is not free from viruses and malware. To avoid all those hassles, choose Gomovies instead for your complete safety. 

Is It Illegal to Use Gomovies?
Although Gomovies is not considered a legal site due to its pirated content, streaming free movies and TV shows online on Gomovies is not illegal either. According to copyright attorneys, only downloading or sharing pirated files causes you troubles. 

Does Gomovies Have an App?
Currently, Gomovies does not have an official app to download. However, the app will soon be available for iOS and Android devices for your preference. 

Is Gomovies safe?
“Free” and “safe” don’t always go together. A free movie site might end up costing you an arm and a leg if it has access to your device and credit card details. Therefore, don’t eagerly jump on any free movie site you come across. However, you can put all your fears aside to enjoy free entertainment completely at Gomovies. With no ads and no information for a signup needed, you have no reason to be worried about possible data loss, identity theft, or corrupted networks. Gomovies is the safest site to binge-watch your favorite movies and TV shows. And it is also the best site for free movie streaming thanks to its superb features. Check out what the site has to offer: 
- An enormous collection of movies and TV shows.
- HD quality (720p).
- Seamless streaming experience.
- Private and safe streaming sources.
- Fast updates. 
- Simple and intuitive UI and UX.
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported.
- No registration or signup needed.
- Excellent customer care.